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Sally Plowman - A Year of Nostalgia.jpg



A Year of Nostalgia was a year long exhibition and events program taking place in two villages in rural Lincolnshire, running from Summer 2018 to Spring 2019.

The four artists involved have created work for the Broadcaster noticeboards in Wellingore and Waddington, changing seasonally. Each artist also hosted a public Night at the Chapel event during their season, at the converted chapel in Wellingore, where one of the noticeboards is located. Each evening revolved around a meal, with various films, performance, live music, readings and walks chosen and presented by the artist.

The four artists involved were Nia Fekri (Summer 2018), Anna Metzger (Autumn 2018), Lulua Alyahya (Winter 2018) and Sally Plowman (Spring 2019). The project was curated by Sally Plowman.

Sally Plowman - A Year of Nostalgia.jpg
Sally Plowman - A Year of Nostalgia.jpg



The Broadcaster - Wellingore 

Sally Plowman, 2019

Stuffed velour roses

Dimensions variable

Sally Plowman - Waddington
Sally Plowman - Waddington 2.jpg



The Broadcaster - Waddington 

Sally Plowman, 2019

Pencil drawing

25cm x 17cm

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